In the UK we stand at the dawn of a new era, the emergence of a new way of conducting business and our lives – welcome to the RFID enabled World! But as is the case with the roll-out of any new technology, we may not be fully aware of the associated challenges. Will our identity remain safe from the unscrupulous career criminals? How can we protect ourselves from card skimming and cloning. These are just some of the many questions that this site hopes to address into the future. We hope you’ll contribute, and that this resource will prove useful in some way.

  1. Derek says:

    About time too! Someone needs to start talking about this stuff – what if you don’t want a contactless payment card, or your every movement tracked whilst travelling the London Underground? It’s good to see a British company is looking into some alternatives.

    • Alright Derek, I’m thrilled that you feel RFID Protect has offered you some protection against RFID skimming – but most people are clueless about all this stuff. There’s plenty more fishes in the sea for the savvy-skimmer 😉

      Oyster Catcher

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