US Attorney General issues warning about ‘contactless’ RFID microchip crimewave?

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Credit & Debit Card Skimming, RFID shielding options
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Nevada Attorney General warns of 'contactless' crimewave

A leading smart card shielding company in the States recently announced news that the Nevada Attorney General’s Office had issued a series of daily consumer briefings on the growing concern surrounding ‘contactless’ crime.   If this is true then things are heating up!

Warnings appear to have been linked with America’s 13th Annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW). During NCPW, groups across the States share consumer advice, in the hope that individuals will find better ways to protect their privacy and avoid fraud.

A spokesperson from ID Stronghold said, “Thieves can steal this information by using a frequency reader. These readers are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The thief can simply walk next to you and acquire your credit card number and expiration date without any physical contact. While these cards are in your wallet or purse they can transmit your card or passport number and in some states, your digital drivers’ license information when placed near a reader. The information almost immediately appears on a computer screen without you ever knowing about it. Apparently U.S. passports are more difficult to read than cards with RFID chips because they require a password. However, hackers with enough knowledge can see everything on the passport’s front page.”

From the above evidence there seems to be growing concern across America, (not least in Nevada), about a potential RFID crimewave. Against such a backdrop the case for consumers to protect themselves from this type of identity theft is growing stronger by the day.  And whilst it is important to also mention that the makers of RFID enabled devices still maintain that their products are 100% safe from unauthorised access, should you feel the need to buy some RFID sheilding just in case then you can learn more here…

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