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  1. Bruno Pavlicek, MS, CFE says:

    Enjoyed the David Beckham article. Scary – and I must say – I never heard of that before. I actually tweeted that article for others to read.

    Great blog. Creative and very informative. I will be placing your site on my Blogroll. If you would like, feel free to list mine as well.

    • Contactless says:

      Thanks for the positive endorsement Bruno – it’s really appreciated, and please do feel free to make use of any of the resources on this blog.

      There are some beautifully produced PDF case studies about ‘RFID skimming’ that have been made available – (free of charge too!) – from UK-based ‘anti skimming’ company RFID Protect. There’s a link toggle at the uppermost left hand corner of this blog which will take you to them, and these can be referenced (or embedded if you like) in your website or blog. (These short articles are certainly well worth a look, even if you opt not to do anything further with them.)

      The objective has always been to raise awareness, and share (hopefully useful) information with those that are interested in learning a little more about near-field RFID technology.

      So thanks for helping out – I’ll be adding links to your site too, before very long.

      All the very best

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